Sunday, September 17, 2006


That's it, I've quit. I'm done. No more.

... no, not blogging, my job. I quit my job at ____________ and my last shift was on saturday. Sweet.
no money, though. Not sweet.
Unfortunately, I still can't actually say where I worked because of legal reasons. Oh well. People suck that way.

On another, more serious note, my grandfater-in-law finally passed away this morning. He'd been telling everyone for the past few years that this is his last ______ so take lots of pictures. We had to break the news to my grandma-in-law, who took it surprisingly well. Then again, she's 16 fries short of a happy meal and they only come with 14.

not much else is going on, But I'm still looking for a job. Nitrates will return when I do get one, don't worry.

Later days to the masses

Thursday, September 14, 2006

who names these books?

for english class, we get to choose a book from a list, simple enough, or so it would seem. Thanks to the school board, we have to pick from a list of award winning authors, normally those who make really long, boring books. But to my surprise, I managed to find an interesting one called the Cure for Death by Lightning. Anyone read it? let me know how it is.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2B or not 2B, where did I park?

I've read and re-read the first scene of Hamlet so many times I can... not quite recite it by heart, but I can recognize who said what, which is the point of a spotting test. I'm good for last period.

You ever have one of those mornings where you do everything in your power to get somewhere on time, but you wind up being delayed and then you are sure you're going to be late, but when you get to school it's a late start day, so you're 45 minutes early? I did.

I get up at my normal time, head downstairs, de-bone a chicken breast for lunch, go upstairs to find my belt. Can't find it, so I give up, change my pants, and head downstairs to find that it's 8:30, nert (my psychotic cat) scooped my chicken, then humphree ate the rest of it. Damn. So I get out the chicken thighs and de-bone them and somehow, in this simple process of removing one bone, I give myself a nice inch-long cut on the bottom right corner of my palm in my left hand. Damn.

so I go out to the bus stop and wait... and wait... and catch the don mills bus down to mcnicoll, get off and wait... and wait... and watch a broken bus get towed away... and wait... and wait... and watch a car get towed away, and wait, and at 9:10, a bus finally comes. Damn. I'm gonna be late.

I get to school, everyone's in the caf, so I think, maybe my teacher didn't show up, it's raining, it could happen. I go in with my usual greeting of AAAAAAHHHH!!! and is she here today? with a reply of AAAAHHHH!!! and you're early, not yet.


welcome to my day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another day, another... hmm...

Once again I am sitting in the emptiness that is the resource room, pretending to do nothing at all, but in reality, I'm stuck posting on this thing 'cus I get "reminded" to update by my mom.

Moving on.
Nothing good happening yet, I'll let you know if something does

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ok, strike's over

Here I am, back after a two week leave. For those of you that haven't noticed, I've removed the two videos that would normally be found in the page, but this was greatly slowing down the page. Screw that

...And now for something completely different

I've also not posted because I've been in mourning... sorta. I've recently started school and discovered that I must adjust my timetable, removing my only spare and filling it in with a math course. Joy, now I'm pleased. There goes my 3-hour lunch.

School otherwise hasn't been that bad. I have two art courses, and an english course (I know English is supposed to be capitalized. leave me alone.) the other period is a neat lil' thing called "Resource". this means that I get to sit in a class, do my homework, slack off, and get a credit for just showing up. Nice, and since I have no homework currently, I'm doing this in Resource. How's that for a class?
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